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Passware Kit 2021 v3 Now Available


In 2020, Passware announced a Beta version of Passware Kit Forensic for Mac. Thanks to the feedback received from beta testers, we were able to resolve stability, performance, and compatibility issues. Now, we are proud to announce the release version of Passware Kit Forensic for Mac! 

Both the Mac and Windows versions of Passware Kit 2021 v3 decrypt LUKS2 disks, recover passwords and extract data from Dashlane Desktop password manager, and work faster while handling jobs of 1,000+ files in batch mode. Passware Bootable Memory Imager adds support for older versions of UEFI - 1.x and acquires memory from a broader range of Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Passware Kit 2021 v3 improves extraction from Keychain, and allows users to add comments for password recovery attacks.

What's new in Passware Kit 2021 v3

•Passware Kit Forensic for Mac•Decryption of LUKS2 disks

•Password recovery for Dashlane Desktop

•Batch mode: improved performance for 1,000+ files

•Support for UEFI 1.x by Passware Bootable Memory Imager

•Passware Rainbow Tables for Windows

•Keychain extraction improvements•Usability improvements