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Magnet #OUTRIDER 2.0 is now available


Magnet are excited to announce the availability of Magnet OUTRIDER 2.0! Magnet OUTRIDER is an ultra-fast triage tool that empowers law enforcement and examiners to quickly and easily preview devices, on-scene or in the lab. 

Now with Magnet OUTRIDER 2.0, you can scan internet history files and capture more data with advanced live system scan options, with even faster speed compared to prior versions of OUTRIDER. 

To upgrade to OUTRIDER 2.0, head over to the Customer Portal to download the latest version. 

If you haven’t tried OUTRIDER yet, see for yourself how fast and simple OUTRIDER is at finding CSAM and illicit apps. Request your free 30-day trial here. 

Get the Intel You Need with 30% Faster Scans  

Now, scans with OUTRIDER are 30% faster giving you the advantage of time on-scene to find critical evidence and intel, minimize disruptions to the community and giving you a head start on device triage when you’re back in the lab. 

No other tool provides forensic examiners with ultra-fast and accurate scans to support ICAC teams on-scene with actionable intelligence. 

Scan Internet History for Keywords 

In addition to the CSAM-related keyword list that is included in OUTRIDER, you can now import a NCMEC CyberTip report to bring in URLs and file names as keywords for locating files or matching on browser history.  

Or, for more flexibility, create your own URL/keyword list and upload it to OUTRIDER. IP addresses imported from a NCMEC CyberTip report will also be used to alert you if an imported IP address matches the current external IP address for the live system being scanned. 

Capture More with Advanced Live System Scan Options 

For scans of live systems, Magnet OUTRIDER can collect operating system artifacts, capture RAM, take a screenshot of the desktop, and obtain the external IP address for the system.  

More Time-Saving Features in OUTRIDER 2.0 


Now, OUTRIDER lets you generate more actional intelligence for your on-scene investigations or to help you more effectively triage devices in the lab. We’ve added new application categories such as select VPNs, Messaging, and Gaming applications which can indicate nefarious activity and/or child grooming. 


We’ve refreshed the OUTRIDER user interface and scan configuration to simplify and speed up the set-up process. The new set-up screens flow through set-up to scan options over three separate steps to streamline configuration. OUTRIDER saves your settings so that you don’t need to waste time reconfiguring with each scan. 

Also, each scan option now has a traffic-light style visual indicator letting you know how much time an additional data capture may add to your search so that you can make informed decisions on the spot.