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Logicube add AFF4 File Capture on Falcon-NEO2


Logicube add AFF4 File Capture on Falcon-NEO2

Logicube is pleased to announce the availability of AFF4 file capture on the Forensic Falcon-NEO2.

This important feature will be STANDARD on the Falcon-NEO2 and can be added through a simple software update for units already deployed in the field.

The AFF4 is an Open-Source, Vendor-Neutral file format, not tied to any analysis software vendor (unlike E01 or EX01, for example).

When the Falcon-NEO2 imager was released last year, Logicube committed to our customers that support for AFF4 file capture would be forthcoming.

Now, only a few months after, the first release of the AFF4 file capture is ready.

The new software can be found as follows:

Version: 1.0u3.

Users can update their Falcon-NEO2 devices by either using the “From Network” (if the Falcon-NEO2 is connected to a network with Internet access) or “From USB” by downloading the latest software from https://www.logicube.com/knowledgebase/forensic-falcon-neo2/.

For more information and pricing please contact Fulcrum today