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GrayShift for Consultants and Commercial Sector


GrayShift launch two new products for Consultants and the Commercial Sector

VeraKey by Grayshift is a cutting-edge mobile forensics solution designed to meet the needs of the commercial sector. With a strong focus on consent and privacy, VeraKey allows organizations to conduct thorough mobile device investigations while respecting the rights of their employees and customers. 

GrayKey Consult is a consent-based mobile forensics solution for the Connercial Sector. While most digital forensics labs have existing tools and workflows, today’s wide range of devices requires a more comprehensive solution. VeraKey by Grayshift is a consent-based mobile forensics solution for the commercial sector. Historically leveraged to protect public safety, VeraKey is available to help protect commercial customers’ integrity and assist in eDiscovery and commercial litigation matters.

See the products for full details.