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Cellebrite Macquisition rebranded as Digital Collector


Digital Collector Version 3.1 has officially been released with powerful new enhancements. New and improved features include: 

  • The only all in one solution available to handle booted or live triage, targeted data collection, and forensic imaging for both Windows and Mac.


  • Provides the flexibility to collect images of the whole drive, partial drive, or live RAM (Mac only) with the same tool. Support for collecting RAM on Windows computers is planned.

  • Reliably boot the greatest variety of macOS and Windows computers for forensic imaging, including Apple’s latest hardware and operating systems.

  • Only tool to create physical decrypted images of Apple’s T2 chip systems, including unallocated and Mojave Fusion drives.

  • Locate and review files of interest before acquisition on both live and forensically booted systems.


  • Provides the most decryption options to get past security built into modern Mac systems from passwords to keychains.

  • And more!


Current MacQuisition users are encouraged to update to Digital Collector through the MyCellebrite Community Portal to ensure the software is functioning properly and has all available fixes. Please note: Digital Collector will only be supported on our 120 GB or 1 TB SSDs. First time customers will need to create an account and log in to the portal to activate new software downloads and register SSDs. 

To get additional information about what has been updated and the supported devices, read the Release Notes document available to you on the MyCellebrite Portal.