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Cellebrite Launch Physical Analyzer Ultra


With recent launches of Physical Analyzer Ultra Series and SaaS-based Cellebrite Premium, Cellebrite delivers powerful, end-to-end Collect & Review offering for digital investigations.

PA Ultra Series is a revolutionary solution that further empowers investigators to uncover key pieces of case-relevant digital evidence and examine digital data more efficiently, to help secure more convictions, accelerate justice, and close cases faster. PA Ultra Series will significantly boost Cellebrite’s Collection & Review offerings as part of the Digital Intelligence suite of solutions.

PA Ultra Series will enable investigation teams to leverage an upgraded solution that can process a higher volume of computer, cloud, and mobile data, allow cases to be opened without the need to reparse data and support multiple cases and evidence per device with enhanced location data from a new customizable dashboard. PA Ultra will also enable data enrichment for cryptocurrency, ranging from leading blockchain data platforms to tracking transactions.