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Fulcrum Briefing Room - MD5 VFC Edition

Fulcrum Briefing Room - Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC) Event

on Thursday 26 May at 11:00 am AEST.

This virtual event will be presented by Sorrell Lambie, Director of Fulcrum Management, and Tom Cross of MD5.

This Briefing Room session will showcase Virtual Forensic Computing. If  you want to experience your suspect's  drive in a native environment, then VFC could be the digital forensic solution you need in your tool kit.  VFC is the leading virtualisation solution for forensic investigators.  This software is used to create a virtual copy (VM) of a suspect drive and give you access to view the evidence in a native environment. Tom Cross will be running us through the key features of this solution and giving a live demonstration.

Email us today to register [email protected]

The session will last around 60 minutes including the demo and Q&A.  Feel free to  forward this to any relevant colleagues. Let me know if you have any questions about this event or would like  to register your interest to attend.


Duration - 1 hour

Start date - 26.05.22

Location - Virtual

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