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AccessData FTK BootCamp
Location: CBD, venue to be confirmed.
Starting 4th December 2017
Duration: 3 days

AccessData FTK Intermediate
Location: CDB, venue to be confirmed
Starting 7th December 2017
Duration: 3 days (7, 8 & 11 Dec)

AccessData Advanced FTK
Location: CBD, venue to be confirmed
Starting 12th December 2017
Duration: 3 days

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AD Lab:  Reducing case backlogs through distributed processing and collaborative analysis.

AccessData Lab is a centralized investigative platform that enables division of labor, collaborative analysis, centralized case management and web-based review, thereby dramatically streamlining the investigative process. Furthermore, AD Lab enables distributed processing, allowing investigators to utilize additional hardware to dramatically increase their case processing and resolution speed.

The Black Hole Data Bag VECTOR Kit is designed to shield wireless devices from RF signals while being examined or charged. The Data Bag is an innovative solution that replaces the need for a hard-sided faraday enclosure. With the new VECTOR addition, capacitive touch screen devices can be operated directly with a finger or with the provided stylus. Touch screen device usage no longer requires extra components like foam pieces or cradles!

BlackLight™ represents the next generation in computer forensics. It was specifically designed to analyse iOS (iPhone and iPad), Mac OS X and Classic (OS 9) data, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy. BlackLight™ offers users an intuitive platform for carving, searching, analyzing and reporting Mac and iOS data within one application.

Cell phone forensics is not to be compared with traditional bit stream forensics. Cell phone data storage is proprietary, based on the manufacturer, model, and system. Cell Seizure was designed to allow forensic acquisition of user entered data and portions of unallocated storage on some devices.

The latest handheld forensics innovation from Paraben is the CSI Stick - THE portable cell phone forensic device.

Acquire and analyze data from over 2,200 mobile phones, PDAs, and GPS devices including iPhones.

Deployable Device Seizure (DDS) is a version of Device Seizure designed for use in the field. It is designed for one click acquisitions of basic cell phone data such as call logs, address book, SMS messages, etc. It also offers the ability to acquire full physical data from many cell phones. Deployable Device Seizure was designed from the ground up as a forensic grade tool.

Paraben's Device Seizure Field Kit is a completely portable handheld forensic solution. The kit includes everything you need to perform a comprehensive digital forensic analysis of over 2,200 cell phones, PDAs, and GPS devices anywhere, anytime. Better yet, you can use your Device Seizure dongle that comes in the kit on any lab machine making it more than just a field kit. Does your cell phone forensic solution have comprehensive analysis features? If not, it's probably not getting enough data from devices to warrant analysis.

Paraben's DS Lite is a Device Seizure and CSI Stick file viewing and analysis tool. With DS Lite, you can open Device Seizure files (.pds) and data acquired from Paraben's CSI Stick (.stk) for advanced analysis, file viewing, searching, and reporting. This allows any case agent or investigator to view and analyze data acquired by either CSI Stick or Device Seizure.

Acquire and analyse data from over 2,200 mobile phones, PDAs, and GPS devices including iPhones (2G, 3G, & 3Gs). Deleted data and user data such as text messages and images can often be found in a physical data dump of a phone. Device Seizure was designed from the ground up as a forensic grade tool that has been upheld in countless court cases.

From the simplest requirements to the most complex. EnCase Forensic gives investigators the ability to image a drive and preserve it in a forensic manner using the EnCase evidence file format (LEF or E01), a digital evidence container vetted by courts worldwide.

Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®): Recognized around the World as the Standard Digital Forensic Investigation Solution.

FTK is a court-cited digital investigations platform built for speed, stability and ease of use. It provides comprehensive processing and indexing up front, so filtering and searching is faster than with any other product. This means you can “zero-in” on the relevant evidence quickly, dramatically increasing your analysis speed. Furthermore, because of its architecture, FTK can be setup for distributed processing and incorporate web-based case management and collaborative analysis.

Perform the complete forensic analysis of encrypted user data stored in certain iPhone/iPad/iPod devices running any version of iOS. Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit allows eligible customers acquiring bit-to-bit images of devices’ file systems, extracting phone secrets (passcodes, passwords, and encryption keys) and decrypting the file system dump. Access to most information is provided in real-time.

A best-of-breed solution dedicated to phone analytics

(Not distributed by Fulcrum Asia. For Singapore see I-analysis)

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+): Take control of your investigation and overcome the ever changing mobile device technology challenges.

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) is a stand-alone mobile device investigation solution that includes enhanced smart device acquisition and analysis capabilities. With a different approach to digital mobile forensics, MPE+ allows mobile forensic examiners to take control of the investigation by providing them with unique tools necessary to quickly collect, easily identify and effectively obtain the key data other solutions miss. MPE+ provides ANY organization with an integrated solution to address BYOD Risk, Big Data and Mobile Device Evidence, all in one tool.

Mobilyze is a mobile device triage tool, designed to give users immediate access to data from Android and iOS devices. In the past, backlogs of smartphones would pile up as agencies had to rely solely on their investigators with specialized training. And then along came Mobilyze.

nFIELD: Fast forensically sound mobile data acquisitions in just 5 simple steps and with virtually zero training

nFIELD provides fast, forensic mobile device data collections and triage with a simple to use interface and virtually zero training necessary. Users can perform logical and physical acquisitions of mobile devices along with UICC and mass storage devices; all in five simple steps. nFIELD can also be customized by an administrator to only allow the collection of certain types of user data, and even allow for the collection to be stored in a network mapped drive.

Oxygen Forensic Analyst is a fully featured mobile forensic solution for data extraction and analysis. Extracts not only basic data but applications, passwords, geo data, web connection history etc. Offers analytical tools for device data analysis: Social Graph, Timeline, Aggregated Contacts etc. 

Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise is a cost efficient solution for big organizations with multiple local or remote workstations. 

This version has all Analyst features. It includes Applications, Passwords, Deleted data recovery, Timeline, Aggregated Contacts, Social Graph, Links and Stats, Search and other features. One server with one USB dongle manages all connections. T

Oxygen Forensic® Kit is the complete ready-to-use and highly customizable mobile forensic solution for field and in-lab usage. 

Designed for portability, Oxygen Forensic® Kit is a unique mobile solution. It can be your filed laboratory that is always at hand. No additional installation or settings are required. All you need to do is to switch Tablet PC on, choose a cable from the cable set, run Oxygen Forensic® Extractor and connect a device.

Do you create mobile phone hex dumps in forensic phone examinations?

Phone Image Carver is an easy to use sector by sector data carver for phone dumps or cell phone image files. Currently supports: Hex, DD, Bin, RAW, DMG (excluding BZip2 compression images). Contact us if you need to add a format.

Easily recover more than 300+ file types using reliable automated file carving scripts.

Phone Password Breaker enables forensic access to password-protected backups for iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen devices. The new tool recovers the original plain-text password that protects encrypted backups containing address books, call logs, SMS archives, calendars, camera snapshots, voice mail and email account settings, applications, Web browsing history and cache.

Even with advanced forensic tools like Device Seizure, you never know when you'll run into a device that has no way of electronically processing the data. Project-a-Phone securely clamps your handheld device in place and delivers a clear video image of the screen to your computer, so you can show it on your monitor, display it through your projector, or share it on the Web. It provides easy access to the controls, while stabilizing your device, so you can run live demonstrations.

Project-a-Phone securely clamps your handheld device in place under a software-controlled camera that can take screen shots or video recordings of your phone screen. It also delivers a clear video image of the screen to your computer, so you can display live evidence on your monitor, through a projector, or over the Web. The ICD-5200 model boasts a resolution of up to 5.2 megapixels.

Information taken from the SIM Card, coupled with information collected from the associated mobile equipment, can provide valuable evidence to validate a line of enquiry, prove an association or provide vital intelligence. In today��s fast moving high-tech society, it is rare to find any activity that does not involve some aspect relating to mobile telephony. If GSM telephony is involved, a trail of information is waiting to be retrieved from the SIM Card.

The SuperImager Plus 12: Rugged Field Unit- is a mobile, compact an extremely fast Forensic Imaging unit that can serve as a complete Field Computer Forensic Investigation platform. The unit is running under Linux Ubuntu 64 bit. The SuperImager application can preforms extremely fast E01 compression, and allows user to control the number of compression threads (up to 16 threads). Forensic imaging speed can reach up to 29GB/min, and Hash authentication speed can reach up to 31GB/min, when using SSD drives!

The unit can be used as a Field Forensic Imager, Cellphone data extractions and analysis, and Triage data collections.

The unit as Forensic Imager:

The SuperImager 7" Mini is very small, lightweight, and easy to carry, and it is the perfect tool to perform Forensic Imaging out in the field. It built with 7" Touchscreen color LCD display, 3 SATA ports (with secure and keyed SATA power connector), 4 USB3.0 ports, 1Gigabit Ethernet, and VGA port. It is affordable, and capable of performing extremely fast Forensic Imaging (Run SHA-1 hash authentication @ 30GB/min with use of Solid State Drive (SSD), 10GB/min with use of 1TB WD Blue Hard Disk Drive).

Rugged case, customized foam, shoulder carry strap, and with lid organizer and Accessories.

SuperWiper Desktop unit - Extremely fast (Average speed of 8.2GB/min with 8 WD 1TB Blue drives in parallel) data erases and formats unit. Built-in 8 SAS/SATA ports, 6 USB3.0 ports. The SuperWiper application runs under Linux - Ubuntu OS and supports DoD erase specification, Security Erase, Enhanced Security Erase protocols. The unit's application supports multiple session operations that can be used to erase multiple hard drives simultaneously and most efficient with very little downtime. Each erase session is independent of others. The application does generates detailed log files and erase certification that is compliance with NIST 800-88.

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